Princess Kakyuu from Sailor Moon

Princess Kakyuu!

She’s a lovely and gentle princess, and the details on her costume and that adorable hair style really caught me. I went overboard on some details, but I had fun with it!

I think this is my favorite shot from the whole set, probably.
I was really happy with my crown…i used real copper for the clovers.

One of the details I added that wasn’t originally there was a touch on the sleeves….they are cuffed in a phoenix pattern. In the Anime, hers are plain, but I thought that phoenix’s suited the Fireball princess far too well… I do stuff like that too much.

Another change…she wears these horrid pointy elf shoes in the anime. I opted for heels.



This next set of shots was taken by NG Master…he does 
SUCH nice work.