Princess Vivi from One Piece

Nefertari.Vivi.full.1126794Princess Vivi Nefertari is such a cinnamon roll. I love her so much. She cares so much about her kingdom and would do anything to protect it. Boa Hancock is still my favorite One Piece lady, but Vivi is a close second! I’m sure this wont’ be my last OP costume, I’m kind of on a roll with them..

All of the photos in this set were taken by Robby Idol Media!!

I made Vivi from a combination of silk taffeta (the pants and sleeves) and dupioni silk (the skirt, vest, and the arm/leg cuffs, as well as covering the shoes. The champagne part of the vest is pintuck taffeta from Mood Designer Fabrics. I believe I got the silk dupioni and silk taffeta from Vogue Fabrics! I hand stamped lotuses on the taffeta in dark purple so they’re pretty subtle (using that stamping method I made a tutorial for), then hand painted on the large lotus blossoms in gold, finally stitching on the gold ribbon stripes. The leaves on the vest were satin stitched onto the pintuck taffeta, all of the trims and beads were added once each piece was finished. I made all of the necklaces and bracelets as well. The peacock trimming around the skirt are all real eyes from peacock tail feathers (harmlessly picked up from dropped feathers from peacocks on a farm, according to my seller!), stitched on. The wig is actually 2 wigs, (Asterias from Epic Cosplay Wigs) I cut one, made wefts sewn into the wig so the braids were thick and there was enough hair for a lot of them, and added beads around some of them. I painted the tiara and added strands of beads to the crown.

I did NOT expect to love wearing this one as much as I did. I can’t WAIT to wear this to a convention. I have so many costumes I want to wear to cons now…I need more cons! I was wearing this around the private temple which graciously let me do a shoot there, and an Indian family approached…at first I was nervous because I was dressed like this, but they asked if I’d pose in family photos with them! They said it was beautiful, and laughed because they said I was dressed like an Indian and they were dressed like Americans! I LOVE happy, fun meetings like that because of cosplay!



vivi4smI’m sure I’ll be adding more to this gallery as I get them, I can’t wait to wear this again!