Rabi en Rose from Di Gi Charat

My friend Jamie asked me to do Rabi with her Digi Charat group (since apparently i’m the right height in comparison!), so i watched this show.

It’s 16 3 minute episodes of site gags, fart jokes, and stupidity. How could i say no?





Jamie was Digiko, and was so dang CUTE.


Laura joined us as Piyoko!

They pick on and beat on each other.
A lot.


Being typical Rabi, i get jealous when the photographer 
pays too much attention to the other girls!

I had to make this. It 
makes us laugh.

I have no excuse for either 
of us.

Chibi photobombs and I get caught mooning friends. We’re all class.

No idea. As usual.

Digi butts.

Not entirely height accurate…I’m 5’9.


These were all taken by SlaveToAnime at Katuson 2012,
with AngelSamui as my Puchiko!

Digi Charat is such a stupid, guilty pleasure of mine. I’m sure we’ll still do more costumes from it than we have. 2 Rabi’s aren’t enough for me.