Reki from Haibane Renmei

This was a pretty simple cosplay, but I really wanted to have a full group! My friends came through wonderfully on this, I was really so happy with how everyone looked!

Haibane is a beautiful, simple 13 episode series, something I think even people who don’t like anime could really enjoy.

We had everyone except our Midori, who will be joining us for a shoot this spring…I will be doing Reki’s summer outfit for that!

Rakka awakens from a cocoon to find herself welcomed into a town surrounded by a huge wall by a group of girls with small gray wings and halos…and soon grows some herself. But what are the Haibane, where do they come from, and where do they go….? A beautiful, emotional story.

I tried to photoshop out our little Halo wires. Just to keep the effect 😉 And the cigarette is a prop. DON’T SMOKE. RAWR.


This shows all of the characters that we were able to get for the group, again only missing our Midori!

Hikari: Aurora Laguna
Kuu: Personanimus
Rakka: Pixiekitty
Reki: Me
Nemu: Chibi_Plum
Kana: DreamerWorld
Washi: Matt
Hyoko: Neon_Genocide

This photo was taken by LJinto!

These were taken by Bob Barker!

I have a lot more individual photos I gave everyone, but I 
wanted to let them post them on their own pages or places!

Haibane in the town of Glie!


Our Hikari is so cute!!




Oh, I made Matt’s Washi costume for him over a year ago! 
He made his cane and wood accessories!


Only people who’ve seen the series will know why this is so broken and wrong.

Chris, a friend and photographer, stole a spare pair of 
wings and wandered into his shot…

Reki never did put up with bs….

Definitely more photos when I wear it again, and I’ve 
made her summer clothes now, too!