Ryoko from Tenchi Universe!

One of my first anime favorites (up there with Ako), Ryoko has always just been one of those iconic characters that everyone knows. She’s been in every countless Tenchi series, movie, and spinoff, and each time she steals the show. I love her!

I decided to do her casual outfit she wears in Tenchi Universe, without the overcoat on. I wanted something simple and fast to make to relax after making a pretty complicated costume, so this was fun and I already had all the fabric laying around!

I definitely want to wear this a lot more, I barely had any time to at Katsucon.
Mindfall Media was kind enough to take these pictures!

I’ll definitely be wearing this again sometime.

Also, here’s just a few shots of Christmas Ryoko I madeĀ quickly for Anime Matsuri!

More pics as I get them!