Saber from Fate/Stay Night

Saber is the the spirit of King Author reincarnated to fight other amazing heros and villains in the present time. She exists for a short time here, and for this sole purpose.

This cosplay has grown on me alot, and i’ve fixed things over time and made improvements…i’ve really grown to like it, now. These were the first versions.





The lighting in this shot was pure luck, and of course my excellent photographer.

The white “underdress” needs shortened about 6 inches, and i have to take in a bit..

I should mention i decided to make Excalibur instead of Caliburn since most people seem to opt for that, but now i question it since i’m not building the armor…



My friend Paul, such a cute Tamaki!


Chibi and i had a quick shoot with Lionel, the results!