Saharai Gotiva, from Sadira’s Tribe

This was an original design, by my friend Pookles. She’s incredibly talented, and wanted to get cosplayers to do these for her fashion portfolio. She’d been having a hard time recruiting people, but as soon as i saw her sketches i said “I’M MAKING THAT”, and i made one for Matt, too! She made her own character, and we had a great shoot of the costumes!

These pictures are my favorite. It was VERY liberating to do an original creation cosplay, and it was very nice to step outside of the anime cosplay box….I plan on doing A LOT more of that, and MUCH less anime cosplay, if any, after Katsucon ’09. This was a great time.







This is Ayden and Sadira, her other characters we 
did for this shoot!


I should start telling people we went to India for 
this. Everyone asks and it makes me nuts.

I should warn now, some of these pics are BIG!

I LOVE Pookles expression in this…very strong stare.

The horn: Pookles says the people of Saharai’s tribe have to fight a beast to be initiated, and so she wears the horn from that. Honestly, i just totally wanted a horn drawn on my character!! I wanted 2, but settled for one HAHAHAA

Very rare…a close up of my face i truely liked!

According to Pookles, Saharai and Ayden are a rather antagonistic semi-couple, so this was a shot i really liked.

This wig…there is no end of how much i loved this wig color on me. I’ve always been too chicken to color my hair, but this 
color is REALLY tempting for me.