Sailor Cosmos of Sailor Moon

I have loved Sailor Cosmos since first seeing her in the Sailor Moon manga years and years ago. She was so etherial and loving, she seemed perfect. I have wanted to cosplay her for years and years, and always talked myself out of it because I didn’t think I could do it justice. I have a few friends to thank for pushing me to finally do it…I almost chickened out of wearing it to DragonCon but they convinced me to and I’m so glad I did!

To start, the wig is from Arda Wigs , it’s a Chibi and and a long Pony Clip! I had to let the pigtails out of the Chibi and move them up quite a bit, I wasn’t happy with them more on the sides of my head for this style. The heart shaped dangos were styrofoam I carved into the right shape, and covered in the hair, and the Pony Clip was split in two and sewn into the stubs for the long hair. Covering the styrofoam was the most difficult part, because they are heart shaped…the hair just didn’t want to wrap right, so each piece was a struggle x.x

The dress is a thick lycra, and I had a really hard time deciding how to approach this one. In half of the reference art, she has very straight pleats, and in the other half it flows like a dress. There is no way to get a form fitting dress to turn into pleats without seams that I thought would be unattractive around the top of the skirt portion, so I decided to go with the flowing dress, since I always favor that in Sailor Scout fuku over box pleats, anyway! The gold shoulders are spandex I stuffed with cotton, the collar is a bridal satin with 3 gold sparkle stripes sewn on (because Sailor Moon is SPARKLE). The color stripes on the front panel were made of metallic spandex, because MORE SPARKLE. ALL THE SPARKLE.

The cape is actually 2 layers of fabric, one sheer white and one sheer pale blue, because I really like how the inside of her cape seems blue at times. The little wings on the shoes, brooches, shoulders, and wig are craft foam, as well as on the staff! I covered the shoes in matching fabric…I could’ve just gotten white shoes but there are actually many shades of white and I really wanted them to match 100%. I made all of her pearl rings out of oversize pearl beads, since I was limited on time and couldn’t find any that were right. The earrings are made of different sizes of the same pearls.

Photos: Robby Idol Media
cosmos1smcosmos2smPics: NGO Photo

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These photos were taken by RobbyIdol Media!



I will definitely be wearing this again, I love it *_*