Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia’s is a somewhat tragic story, at least up to the end. In order to stop a great evil, 
she contains it within herself…and it consumes her. Being the strongest Sailor Scout in the 
universe, she was a great ally…and being evil…she is deadly. She turns on her own galaxy, and 
then the universe, destroying planets and killing Sailor Soldiers, including all Senshi in our own 
galaxy…searching for her “seed”…the last bit of good she had left in her.

For the most part, we see very, VERY little of the “good” Sailor Galaxia.  She’s in her gold armor 
(and is often called the Golden Queen), for about 98% of the show, and its only at the last few 
minutes do we catch glimpses of the REAL Sailor Galaxia, as healed by Sailor Moon.  Since her 
“good” airtime is so short, the pictures of her, even in manga, are very limited.

The hardest part of this one was coloring that wig…In some pictures her hair seems waist length, 
and in others its down to her feet…and sadly, there is not a NICE wig that can do THAT. So i 
found the nicest long one i could, and used that. The dress wasn’t made from scratch, but 
completely altered to be backless, strapless, and have a cut much like hers.














































This picture completely washed out my face, but i really loved how it showed off the wig…its probably the best “wig shot” i have!