Sailor Pluto of Sailor Moon

Sailor Pluto is blahblahblah I had a huge writeup here, but let me just make it simple now:

I debated taking this gallery down a little, because it’s certainly not my best work, or photos. But even though it’s not great, I think it shows some progression in my sewing and prop skills.

We all start somewhere when we try new things. Rarely do we do awesome right out of the gate. So even if this isn’t a wonderful costume, I worked hard on it and learned a lot about sewing and wig dying from it. I can take some pride in that alone. ūüôā




My expression in this¬†shot…sheesh..
Pluto isn’t a smiley girl,¬†but i am quite stern in¬†these i think!

Now of course i already¬†have some gripes about¬†the costume…BUT it¬†was still early in my¬†years of learning to sew,¬†so…live and learn.

I think my buttbow¬†maybe should have been¬†just a bit bigger…And¬†maybe i chose too¬†bright a burgundy for¬†the bows…the problem¬†is in some shots of Pluto¬†they are almost black,¬†and in others a bright¬†burgundy. I wanted¬†contrast, so thats the¬†color i got.

My waist hem should be¬†more “rolled”, my pleats¬†should be stiffer (i think¬†i’ll starch them), and i’m¬†tall, but WHO has legs¬†that long!! HAHA!


I dyed the wig 8¬†times to get it such¬†a dark emerald color.¬†Maybe some black¬†added would have¬†been nice, but i¬†couldn’t do it, i just¬†loved the shade.


I took a few shots like this just to show off the belt of keys i made. She only wears them in the manga (too hard to animate??), but its a damn cool accesory, so i have them on in only a few shots.

YAARR!! Sailor POSE!


Pluto and ChibiUsa (Sailor ChibiMoon)


And you can also see how her¬†character details vary in¬†different images…i do the¬†best i can..

And the sun sets on a lonely soldier…

There was a pretty big¬†Sailor Moon gathering at¬†Ohayocon ’07!

There was a great Sailor Saturn there, too!

I’ve gotten her out of my system and retired this¬†costume, so this gallery is done!

I’d take it down, since it is some of my rougher, earlier¬†work, but hey, we all start somewhere. We can’t be¬†embarrassed of mistakes, I learned to sew better from it!