Seras Victoria from Hellsing

Seras is an awesome character….she’s dingy and klusy, yet tries so hard to find her way as a new vampire and help Hellsing in thier fight against evils that never end.

Seras decided to become a cop after her father, who was also a police officer, was murdered. While helping her police unit try to overcome a village plagued by a vampire, she runs into Alucard. Being the only remaining survivor of the group, she is taken hostage by a vampire. Alucard then gives her a choice…be killed with the vampire, or become one under him. Most likely without fully understanding what she agrees to, Alucard shoots them both to kill the vampire, then bites Seras to transform and ultimately save her life. Since that moment, she faithfully serves both Alucard and Hellsing, and refers to Alucard as her “Master”. Watching her adjust to her newfound powers, strengths, and weaknesses is both comical and adorable, Seras tends to grow on most people, even the cold Sir Integra. And nothing stops her from trying once she sets her mind to a goal.

This one wasn’t a hard one to come up with, the stupid Harkonnen being the toughest prop i’ve made yet.

There’s a few things i debate on this one…i’ll get to that..

Oh…and as always…never mind the fact that I’m like 2 feet too tall for the character!

First, I’ll tackle the obvious…the color and size of this.

I REALLY liked the idea of going with a deep “military” blue. Hellsing is a top notch organization, i just never did like the “easter egg teal” uniform they gave Seras. I don’t give a damn if its not OMFG ACCURATE! I LIKE it dark blue, and i’m keeping it!  They put out a resin model of Seras in a dark blue *_* I loved it since i saw it.

It’s also a bit big…I am taking the top in, i wish i had before i had these pictures taken. Its just that the waist is too big. The belt helps with that alot, but it still is kind of obvious, sorry about that. The skirt is also big, i took it in twice already. I just don’t think its going to fit me like in the anime. Also, its short enough as it is XD

The place we found (a friend told me about it) was perfect scenery for Hellsing, very goth, stained glass, ornate!

I think my photographer is still improving…some of the shots he took just really wow’ed me…he’s a natural! 😀

The next big debates eyes and teeth. Because we all know i’m that anal already.

Her eyes are blue 95% of the time. They turn red when she’s in an all out rage. I decided since i wasn’t going for the blood Seras, i could save myself the agony of trying contacts yet again (i always have an excuse, i just can’t touch my eyeballs in reality!).  I was dissapointed that the original animated Hellsing had given her red eyes all the time…this is inaccurate, but I’m sure they thought it looked cool. I’m glad to see its remedied in the OVAs. So for now, my natural blue will have to do. Again.

And teeth. I put in my teeth for this. I’m not sure if i’ll wear them all the time though. Hers dissapear and reappear, she’s not always “fangs”. So..we’ll see.

OMG a shot i like!
It just screams, “Welcome to Hellsing, bitches”.
At least to me.

On Harkonnen: the biggest pain in the butt prop i have attempted to make YET.  However…its also a ton of fun to drag around. Maybe not as fun as a certain guitar to hit people over the head with, but still a blast!

Its incredibly light for its 7′ something span, i chose lightweight PVC piping for most of it. The trigger moves, the scope stands, the bipedal legs can be lowered for it to stand on….its not accurate, honestly…its just not perfect. But i’m still pretty freaking proud of it as a first attempt!!

AND it can be broken down for storage!

You can see what i mean about the top being too big here, i swear i’ll fix that before i Con her.

Yeah…you can tell I like the gun just a liiiiittle too much.


Waiting for my Master…

Sometimes being a vampire is…boring.

Seriously…where the f*k is Master?!?

These shots were taken by Lionel at AUSA ’06!

And finally, we wore our Hellsing stuff to a ‘formal’ ball at AUSA ’07! SO much fun with friends!!!


Chibi was a formal Alucard, so much fun! 

Me and Gi share a dance with Penpen!


Hands down, my favorite shot in this gallery….

Chibi and I just happened to turn around on the floor and throw down our “hardcore gang signs” at Micheal (taking the picture), but it looks like we’re telling Gi where to go whlie she stomps off angrily and Laurie looks SO concerned.

A perfect shot.