Spartangirl from 300

No, there weren’t spartan-girls in the movie. But my friends and I thought it would be hilarious, so i went for it. Had a blast, too! Worn for the Dragoncon Parade, 2007.

I can look dang mean when i want… here’s me 
and Kabane lookin for a fight…


The guys were so inclusive, and we had so much fun laughing, posing, and barking “AUOOO AUOO  AUOO” everytime someone in the crowd demanded to know our profession!!

They looked great, i think everyone worked so 
hard on all of our own things!!

I dragged Chibi in as Xerxes, he was hella impressive. SO cool!!

Not that we can stay in character.

Did i mention Chibi and i don’t really stay in character…like…

Ah…we’re all too stupid for our own good. So much for ‘serious 
buisness’, its too fun just having fun XD

Heidi, me, Chibi, Chrisco, and Daguru (where you looking, buddy??) lol!

I find this shot hilarious just because you can see Chrisco’s bright orange 
water bottle hiding behind his sheild!! They gave us those after the parade!

So freaking funny i almost PEED myself!!!!!

I don’t know what Xerxes is suggesting, but I don’t 
think Daguru is biting….

I feel very lucky to have friends as goofy as me…this was a ball!