The JokerGirl

First of all…yes…i am well aware the Joker is a guy. I’m not. Deal.I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Joker. The guy is pure 100% psychotic fun. Whats not to love?


His laugh, his style, and dressing as him is a ticket to pretty much do what you want and get away with it! At least till security starts chasing you. …ahem…


This took a bit more sewing that i like to do, but i think the outcome was worth it. Wearing this around ROCKS! Its fun, and the fun is infectious, alot of people get into it! Normally I don’t wear an outfit more than once, but i think this is quickly becoming a regular for me!












It should be horribly obvious i love this 
outfit. i have ENTIRELY too much fun in it!














This is a collection of some shots from conventions!

Ernie Hudson was there, and the Supergirl is Pita!

He’s a very sweet, fun guy!












I ran into Margot Kidder (Louis Lane!!) in a lobby in Pittsburgh, she’s so cute and energetic!

This cute family chased me down and dragged me into the pool room for some pictures with their girls!

Seth Green in Philly…such a cutie!









These are art prints created, in order, by the talented Pat Carlucci, Joe
Pekar, and Darrel Riley. We worked together for Wizard World Philly ‘