Tiara from Shamanic Princess

This was one I had been in love with for years, but I was never sure how to go about it, and also worried no one would be interested in joining a group with me since it seems to be a bit obscure. I finally asked a bunch of friends if they had heard of it or had any interest in doing it, and they surprised me not by just loving the series, but being really excited to do it.

Shamanic Princess was a 6 episode series. It was shown out of chronological order, I find it makes much more sense if you watch the last 2 episodes first. I always loved how crazy the details were in the show, especially given that it was made in a time when ALL of the animation was done by hand. It’s really pretty to watch. Fantastic character designs!


We wore these to DragonCon 2009, but I wasn’t brave enough to wear them outside of the private shoot. I might try it again next year, and 
have it “secure” enough to actually get around the convention center in it!

These following photos were taken by Jason@i360, and by LJinto. These are 2 of the most considerate, funnest photographers…I really love them both. LJinto’s has his watermark at the bottom!

I’m very grateful to my friends who joined me for this:
Ryoko as “normal” Tiara, Mel as Lena, Moonless Garden as Sara, Kev as 
Kagetsu, Trevor as Leon, Matty as Graham, and Maggie as “shamanic” Sara/Tiara combined.





Again, I’m so grateful to my friends and photographers, we had a lot of fun 
that morning, if not easy to wear!

These were taken in May 2010, by Bob Barker. Kurzes Haar was the lovely 
Shamanic Tiara/Sara combined, and Matt was Graham again!


These are a set of photo manipulations done by SGH PhotoArts, I’m so glad I got more pics of Tiara before retiring her!