Utena Tenjou: Adolecence of Utena Movie

This is the Movie version of Utena, in her Duelist Uniform. I LOVE costumes with a military flare, and the fashion in Utena, though wild, is always sharp and neat. This one was a gift since i didn’t have time to bother. I can’t do enough cosplay of my favorite anime character of all time, and even though her movie look is quite different from the series, its still gorgeous.

     Basic costume shot…

We had such nice local locations for this, too!!




Dang..thats big hair. Even for an anime character!!


Yeah…i just really liked that thing.

My epaulette seems to be going somewhere in this shot….


HIII HOOOOO ELKTHING!! AWAY!!!!…don’t do things to get you thrown out of your local park by rangers, OK kids?!

CONVENTIONS!A collection of snapshots from conventions!

I ran into Lady Utena and AvianFirefly at Otakon ’06, both awesome girls and costumers! Winter is freakishly strong!!!


Eurobeat King snapped this, I really liked it and Reanna snapped a picture of Lionel snapping a picture during our photoshoot! i look so BORED!


We’re jerks and refuse to behave for shoots.

I’ve retired and sold my movie Utena, so this gallery is closed!!