Velvet : Odin Sphere


I have wanted to make Velvet for years but always put it off because I didn’t know how to make it in a way that felt kind of like my own. I finally realized I wanted to add more textures and change some details to be a little different, and I’m super happy with the result!

I airbrushed the red velvet with large stencil onto using the same method I’ve made a tutorial for. The stars on the hood and veil are brass metal stampings with filigree. The black parts of the costume are a textured velvet feel fabric that I fell in love with, I used it on my original Prince Utena costume recently. For the jewelry on the top, I went with drop beads instead of coins, chains, or ruffles just for something different! I purchased the thigh high tights, and made the garters from sheer fabric chiffon and matching bodice fabric.
The Graveryl Chain was made using Worbla for the black “claw” parts, and the diamonds are plastic. I loaded LEDs into them so they glow!

All of these lovely photos were taken by Robby Idol Media!