Artemis from the AmiComi designs

I decided to make another AmeComi design aside from the 2nd Batgirl I did. The Batgirl is very difficult to put on and photograph, and I love this design over all. Plus, another redhead, how I love them!

I should point out, I took some artistic liberties with this design. DC went a little bit cheap on this particular statue (the first time they have done this, I think) and it’s simply a repaint of the Wonder Woman statue they produced. Because of this, the original Artemis figure is holding a sword and shield. This isn’t entirely inaccurate
since there are times she’s depicted using a sword, but Artemis is an archer, hands down, and I thought she deserved her own set of weapons, at least. Therefore, I designed my own set of arrows, a bow, and quiver that I felt suited her overall design. Also, I removed the Lasso of Truth, because both Artemis AND Wonder Woman shouldn’t have one at the same time!

I finally got a new shoot of Artemis with Robby Idol Media! Updated Jan 2016!