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Glam Mystique

I fell in love with the art of Mystique by Dessi Desu as soon as I saw it, and wanted to make it right away!

I painted my neck & face using a mix of blues from Mehron Paradise makeup, everything below the neck is a bodysuit I made. I have been getting a lot of questions about this bodysuit due to the built in boobs, so here’s the deal: I wanted to come up w a great way to do this & share it, but it’s a hot mess. I made 3 bodysuits, using different things for boobs in an effort to avoid painting my body & getting it all over the white fabric whenever I wore this. I finally used thermoplastic as a boob-base. There are multiple seams in the spandex on the boobs, but I managed to get them at least where they are covered with the fabric drapes. But really, it’s a frankenstien mess under there, so it’s something that I’m going to keep working on. I opted for a deeper scarlet red wig over primary red…I think bright looks great in art & comics, but when translated to life I prefer a subdued red on Mystique. Mesh lenses, I’m not comfortable putting in full sclera lenses. My jewelry & crown is foam w spandex over it, hundreds of crystals glued on.

Based on art by @dessi_desu & pic by RobSomers Photo!


Holiday Glam Boa


I’ve done 4 Christmas themed cosplays already, and 2020 obviously hasn’t had any conventions, so I decided to just make something silly and fun. This was definitely my tackiest Christmas themed costume, yet!

I based it on a One Piece figure “Holiday Glitter & Glamours” figure I have (one of my many Boa figures!)

I added extra holiday bling, and managed to get some festive pics thanks to Rob Somers Photo!








Eliza ~ Tekken 7

This one was a surprise to me!

I wasn’t planning on cosplaying Eliza at all. This was an abandoned commission; I was so happy w it & thought it was so cute I decided to finish it out for myself, since our measurements were very close! I sewed 2 wigs together, cut/styled them. The bodice is red pleather! I built wire into the “vines” at the feet & added/painted hot glue roses (so they don’t stick me!!). I printed out stick on tattoos I made in photoshop. My contact lenses are red & yellow “dragon eye” slit pupil lenses, I LOVE them!!

My favorite part of the costume (no surprises here) are the horns…I cannot stop wearing horns in costumes?! I really thought it was important that they were perfect mirror images of each other! I went to my go-to Sionnach Studios & they worked w me to get the exact shape & curve I wanted, they’re just PERFECT!!!

Photos by Rob Somers Photo!






Nov 20, 2020


I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I was able to update! I actually had an issue being able to update

the page, but it’s all fixed and I’ve been doing a LOT of sewing and taking lots of pics! I’ve added

3 new costumes to the Cosplay gallery, and have shot 3 more costumes that I’ll be adding very soon, along with a few new commissions!

As always, many more photos as well as clothing I make for myself & other sewing projects on my Instagram, AmazonMandy!





Magda is a character in season 2 of Penny Dreadful. She’s a demon, but this dress was something I immediately fell in love with! I want to wear this dress all of the time!

Rob Somers Photo and I got really lucky finding a town full of vintage buildings and a foggy morning, so we were able to get some really great photos!











Papa Emeritus III



THIS was a random costume I decided to make myself for a Halloween party! I’m a bit obsessed with Ghost, and while I love all of the Papa’s, Papa Emeritus III is the hot one. I just decided to make myself a gender swapped Papa costume! I love wearing it, it was so much fun, I look forward to wearing it when Halloween is something we can all actually celebrate, again! (hey 2020!).







Rose the Hat



I was highly skeptical about a sequel to the Shining. After reading Doctor Sleep, boy was I wrong. It was fantastic, and the movie somehow made just the improvements that made it perfect!

I LOVE Rose. She’s so beautiful and bad. I did the best I could, I didn’t sew the dress but just purchased and altered pieces to complete this one! Just a fun personal project for myself. And the dress is a permanent part of my wardrobe, now!

Pics by Rob Somers Photo!





I also threw this outfit of hers together, I made the leggings just because I really love a LOT of Roses clothing!