Azaka & Kamidake from Tenchi Universe

Yes, technically it’s not a NEW costume, since I made this well over a year ago, for friends Matt and Chris to wear.

However, Chris wasn’t able to wear it with Matt at Katsucon ’10, so I decided “what the heck?!” and wore it myself. It was my first time cross-dressing, and I had so much ridiculous fun with it. I really messed with my friends heads, which was the best part.

I really had too much fun in this. I made the tan parts of their costumes to look as though they were made of wood, since the power of Jurai comes from their trees (and Azaka and Kamidake were sealed into wood containers, anyway). I just felt it worked for them. Matt made the staffs!


I snapped this with my cellphone and sent it to everyone I know, practically, from my hotel room. 

 Sam dressed as Tsunami.

I’m too sexy for my beard….too sexy for my beard…
Matt is one of my few friends that make me look short…ugh.

Here are some photos of Matt and Chris wearing them!