Blind Mag of Repo! The Genetic Opera

This is such an odd movie, but I loved it for being such a creative way to tell a different kind of story. It was a daring try to make something so bizzare, and I really enjoyed most of the actors and songs in this movie!

I made myself Blind Mag to wear, in the gown she meets Shilo in, and also I made the Repoman for a friend to wear. My wonderful friend Pixiekitty was my Shilo!




Most photos here take by TheDreamerWorld and LJinto (they’re marked), I can’t 
thank them enough!!

Yeah, that’s not me in the costume, but I made it and I’m 
honestly really proud of it, so have a close-up!

I made his knife in 2 hours the day before the con.  I HATE last minute crap like this!!

Creepiest father/daugher pair ever.

We’ll all definitely be wearing these again, with luck we’ll have collected an even bigger cast!