Charizard Gijinka II

My newest cosplay: Charizard!! Charizard has long been my favorite Pokemon (orange Dragon!!!), and while I made a silly casual Char a long time ago, I’ve always wanted to do a more fancy original version. I saw my friend SunsetDragon was doing original Pokemon gijinka designs, and I really like supporting other talented commissioners, so I traded her sewing a cosplay she wanted for a sketch! You should commission her for art!! She drew it to my description perfectly, and I made a wee change or two as I made the costume! I really wanted a “desert dancer”!!

It’s orange stretch taffeta and chiffon, with yellow stretch taffeta I fade dyed for the gauntlets. There’s chiffon with scales hanging from the wings, but the wind hid them in this pic ;.; The scales on the legs and arms are foam, the wings are Worbla! I got so many gems and crystals from Etsy and FireMountainGems and sewed them on (or glued, for the crystals!). I bought metal “scales” to sew on the bottom edges of all of the Chiffon, and I also dyed some cute shoes which I couldn’t wear to this shoot because of all the sand!

Robby Idol Media was kind enough to bear the 118 degree heat index, and while it was brutal I loved the photos we got back! He’s so patient and really works so hard to try to get the shots we both want.

I hope to wear this to a lot of cons, I love it so much! I’m really grateful to my friend Kit for designing it for me to make!