Eliza ~ Tekken 7

This one was a surprise to me!

I wasn’t planning on cosplaying Eliza at all. This was an abandoned commission; I was so happy w it & thought it was so cute I decided to finish it out for myself, since our measurements were very close! I sewed 2 wigs together, cut/styled them. The bodice is red pleather! I built wire into the “vines” at the feet & added/painted hot glue roses (so they don’t stick me!!). I printed out stick on tattoos I made in photoshop. My contact lenses are red & yellow “dragon eye” slit pupil lenses, I LOVE them!!

My favorite part of the costume (no surprises here) are the horns…I cannot stop wearing horns in costumes?! I really thought it was important that they were perfect mirror images of each other! I went to my go-to Sionnach Studios & they worked w me to get the exact shape & curve I wanted, they’re just PERFECT!!!

Photos by Rob Somers Photo!