Flemeth from Dragon Age 2 2nd gallery: game vrsn

This is the second gallery for Flemeth I’ve made, just because if I had included these photos in the first gallery it would have been way too long.

The first version of Flemeth I wore to a convention was based on concept art of her, but since the game came out there were a few changes I really wanted to make on her to make her more accurate. More detailing on the armor, new pants, fixed up headpiece some, jewelry, and a few other things.

The horns were made on a crown of insulation foam I carved out to fit my head, then adhered hair to match the wig over those, finishing with the wraps. The collar zips up in the back, all of the studs were hand clamped on using a spoon over a week. The armor is all foamies, hand painted to look aged and beat up! The tattered cape was burned a little, seeing as she’s a fire breathing dragon and is seen walking in fire a few times. The staff was carved from pine, and attached to a long wood rod!

UPDATE: Worn to DragonCon 2015, I have lots of new pictures!
pic by: Robby Idol
DC2015_DragonAge_Flemeth_01_smPhoto by FelixWong

Photo SistersMicheif

I did still want to carry the staff in a few photos, even though it wasn’t in the game, and only shown in the concept art. I just loved it so much!

This was a beautiful piece of photo manipulation art done by RottenRagamuffins on
DeviantArt, Thank  you SOOO MUCH!!