“Illusion” Mima of Perfect Blue

Mima is a pop star who, upon changing careers,
starts to lose the line between reality and fiction.
She’s surrounded with obsessed fans and people not
happy with her choices, and starts to question
them herself. In the end, she has to sort out the
real her, and the her that is illusion…however,
there’s more to the danger than her imagination

Perfect Blue is a very “Hitchcock” style thriller of a
movie, I recommend it to people who don’t even
care for anime.


Here are some screencaps for those who haven’t 
seen it, of what me and Pookles were doing!

Rumi (in the mirror and on the right) seems to be more 
insane than Mima, and sees herself as Mima in a red dress. Her reflections always 
show the truth of the situation.  And her weapon of choice is the umbrella!




These costumes were Pookles’ idea, she was the 
Rumi…we had way too much fun getting these pictures!

I get nice and bloody and do a dance with my umbrella.

We’re so totally cute.

She doesn’t agree.

But…I’m a pop star!

Leo caught this incredible photo, I am so happy with 
it. It’s just out of the movie!

And Ronin snapped this one…that’s Maggie back 
there, all dead on the steps. I love this one, too!