Maid Saber from Fate/Stay Night

Yes, another version of Saber. Done as a joke (or a dare), but was totally worth it. Had so much fun being silly with friends! My 4th version of Saber.

Eurobeat King (Al) snapped one picture where i wasn’t goofing off with friends…we had entirely 
too much fun being silly that night. And too much rum. WAY too much rum.

We already know i have a thing for pirates. And this guy was SOOO ornery. 
Plus he gave me rum!!! <3

Don’t even ask what he said to me. I’m easy to embarrass, let 
alone in THAT outfit, and he was SO cute!!!

So…there ya go. Dress like hot pirate=get french maid lovin.  I think my 
mom was jealous when she saw this pic!!!

AUSA was a con for joking around, gag-cosplay, and just being silly. 
Well, most cons are, but i think i took it to the extreme this time.

I love my friends who know how to get silly with me!