Major Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell

Major Motoko Kusanagi!

I went back and forth on making this one for a while, before i even started. It looked incredibly complicated, and some of the details change from reference image to reference image of her, so i took liberties where i wasn’t sure.  I think sewing spandex to pleather and pvc is one 
of the hardest things to sew together i have found, yet, since I was still a beginner.

I get frustrated at how my wig changes colors in different lights in photos. It looks too blue below.  Thats not the true color!

There are not words for how much i love those glasses. No idea why. But i do.


This was just a fun idea, too: photoshop a picture so i was in the 
Major’s invisible-camo. I love this, i wish it really did that!!!

A photoshoot with Lionel at AUSA ’07!