Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell, Man Machine Interface Vr.

My 3rd version of one of my favorite characters, Motoko Kusanagi.

I kind of took to calling this her ‘swimsuit’ version, though it’s something she breifly
wears in the manga “Man Machine Interface”.

I seriously doubt i’ll be wearing this one to any conventions. It’s not terribly
impressive, and it’s also hard to keep your ass covered in it. So i think it’s just going
to be gallery shots only!






The wig was the toughest thing about this one, just because it 
seems to change colors in the manga, constantly.

I ended up basing the color on the figure here, since that’s an 
official figure, and that’s the stupid color THEY decided on. 

This is a difficult dress to 
sit down in!!

The lighting makes this one 
definitely my favorite!

Now her hair looks gold brown.

And i’m not bronze. Yeesh.


So yeah…won’t be going to a con, but 
glad i did it…I haven’t gotten tired of 
the Major, yet! Photos all by