NoFlutter’s Galaxia

This was a fun joint project I’ve been working on!! A ‘burlesque’ version of Galaxia, from Sailor Moon! Galaxia was one of my first costumes when I was a little cosplay babby, so it’s been so awesome to get to touch on her again! And also I apparently can’t ever do enough Sailor Moon themed cosplays!

CosplayFabrics kindly sponsored all of the gorgeous fabric for this costume, and I just think it’s SO beautiful!! I was struggling with what to make, when my incredibly talented friend NoFlutter suggested designing a new Galaxia for me! I love all of her designs so much, of course I was immediately like HECK YES PLEASE. For the fabrics, it’s all Dual Fantasy White/Gold Dupioni!! I wefted 2 wigs together for more fullness and length, but decided to avoid Galaxia’s ankle length hair…wigs that long just turn into a nest, for me just getting a lovely, long gradient was more important than fighting a hot mess of wig hair! I hand colored all of my gems and jewelry (tutorials available!), and the boots have shoes in my size permanently built into them. I added lots of crystals and beads, and Robby Idol Photography took some fantastic shots!!

Retired and sold