Popstar Caitlyn from League of Legends

As soon as I saw this art of Caitlyn from the game “League of Legends”, I fell in love with it! It’s a concept art of a popstar skin for the character, based on her regular costume skin.

I found a deep, rich purple metallic fabric to use, even though it’s not the same pale purple shade found in the art, I loved it and had to use it! It looks like candy to me! I hand sculpted the buttons, then cast them so they all matched, some large and some small. The parts on her hat are Worbla. I made the gun from foam, Worbla, and dowels. The back of the gun opens up, and lights can be inserted. I was on a deadline to finish her up, so I’ll be making some alterations before wearing it again!

Worn to Anime Weekend Atlanta, 2014!










These photos were taken by Kamui Cosplay!


This video clip was taken by Beat Down Boogy!

I took some selfies as I got ready in the room, for now it’s more pictures to show the costume
until I get more back!
031Yaya and I stopped for a fun selfie during our shoot, hopefully our shoot photos are done soon! IMG_0851And this was taken by Leo Photo! 🙂

I did another shoot with Robby Idol media at Megacon Fandays 2015!

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