Queen of Hearts of Sakizou Art



This cosplay took so much more time than I had ever anticipated, almost a year in the making, off and on. Based on the artists works named Sakizou, they created an “Alice In Wonderland” illustration book, and I loved this design so much!

18 yards of deep crimson velvet, 14 yards of champagne satin, 16 kinds of trim/lace trim/beaded trim (a lot of them I made myself), 15 kinds of beads and cabochons (many of which I hand painted), the wig is 2 wigs wefted together and curled permanently with glues…sadly the hat covers so much of that work. The staff is wood and the spiral part is clay, the heart at the top I hand carved from foam and covered in stretch velvet, and the ruffles in the collar are lightly wired in a few ways to keep it’s shape and standing up, though I did make some adjustments after this first wear (as you have to ).

There’s quilting accented by gold beads I hand sewed on the sleeves and panel in the front, the velvet hearts are satin stitched on. The gold trims accents were all pinned together and sewn on to frame those pieces. 2 kinds of lace inside the bell sleeves, the red pearl and lace trim on the gloves and bodice were white until I painted them. The right breast is quilted and red beads sewn into each quilt corner, the collar has 2 kinds of lightweight wire built in so it’s shapeable and stands. The staff is a wood rod, the spirals are clay, and the heart on top was foam I carved and then covered in velvet. I pinned the hat on, but I think for the next time I wear it I am affixing it to a permanent clip to make it easier.

It doesn’t take very long to put on, I made it so the gown is actually just 3 pieces, not including the hoop skirt and collar, so it’s easy to get in and out of for the most part. But it’s WARM, so this will probably be a winter costume, wearing this in the summer is going to cause passing out (and that’s fun!).

These photos were taken by Robby Idol, I hope to add more soon!




New photos by Robby Idol, with Korin Cosplay as my lovely Alice!
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