Queen Chrysalis from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

chrysalisrefI am so taken with the new My Little Pony series. I was skeptical, having grown up with the first generation of ponies, but this show is almost impossible not to love. It’s got adorable character design, fun, great music, and it’s SO CUTE.

Of all the cute and colorful ponies, none of their designs inspired me as much as one of the villains, Queen Chrysalis! She’s too cool! She’s all black with holes in her legs (?!), pretty teal hair and unlike the feathered wings of the other ponies in the show, she has wings like an insect! Her horn is crooked and she’s quite tall for a pony, I KNEW I was cosplaying her the second I saw her!

I went with a teal wrap around my torso since she also has one, and chose pretty bright contacts since I have never been able to find some quite like her dual-colored eyes (if you find some, let me know!!).

Ahh…I always love the villains. :3


Sam did Flufflepuff with me!!




flufflechryssi6smYes, there are random tacos in our photos.


Chrys5smI found this adorable little Discord at Megacon!

And this photo was kindly sent to me by JL Peacock studios, who took this photo at MegaCon while I was wandering around!
Definitely a costume I want to wear a LOT more!!