Rabi en Rose from Di Gi Charat

My friend Jamie asked me to do Rabi with her Digi Charat group (since apparently i’m the right height in comparison!), so i watched this show.

It’s 16 3 minute episodes of site gags, fart jokes, and stupidity. How could i say no?


Jamie was Digiko, and was so dang CUTE.


Laura joined us as Piyoko!

They pick on and beat on each other.
A lot.


Being typical Rabi, i get jealous when the photographer 
pays too much attention to the other girls!

I had to make this. It 
makes us laugh.

I have no excuse for either 
of us.

No idea. As usual.


These were all taken by SlaveToAnime at Katuson 2012,
with AngelSamui as my Puchiko!

Digi Charat is such a stupid, guilty pleasure of mine. I’m sure we’ll still do more costumes from it than we have. 2 Rabi’s aren’t enough for me.