Rara from Global Astroliner

This was a costume just done for fun, something simple but silly!

Studio 4C did a series of music videos that were released as one set, the first in the series is Global Astroliner. The music in it is “Cream” by MFlo, and the whole thing is technicolor fun. The colors change in a lot so it took a while to figure out what her hair color REALLY is!

Giant Alucard is my Gou, these photos were taken by LJinto!


These costumes worked really well for me and Chibi since it’s often hard for us to be serious for photos…for these costumes, it was fine to act stupid and have fun!

Chibis face…I’m dying…

I doubt we’ll wear this again, it was just for laughs, but I loved it!! So glad 
we got such great pics, thank you, Leo!!