Seras Victoria from Hellsing


This one wasn’t a hard one to come up with, the stupid Harkonnen being the toughest prop i’ve made yet.

I REALLY liked the idea of going with a deep “military” blue. Hellsing is a top notch organization, i just never did like the “easter egg teal” uniform they gave Seras.

On Harkonnen: the biggest pain in the butt prop i have attempted to make YET.  However…its also a ton of fun to drag around. 

Its incredibly light for its 7′ something span, i chose lightweight PVC piping for most of it. The trigger moves, the scope stands, the bipedal legs can be lowered for it to stand on….its not accurate, honestly…its just not perfect. But i’m still pretty freaking proud of it as a first attempt!!

AND it can be broken down for storage!


These shots were taken by Lionel at AUSA ’06!

And finally, we wore our Hellsing stuff to a ‘formal’ ball at AUSA ’07! SO much fun with friends!!!


Chibi was a formal Alucard, so much fun! 

Me and Gi share a dance with Penpen!


Hands down, my favorite shot in this gallery….

Chibi and I just happened to turn around on the floor and throw down our “hardcore gang signs” at Micheal (taking the picture), but it looks like we’re telling Gi where to go whlie she stomps off angrily and Laurie looks SO concerned.

A perfect shot.