Warrior Sailor Cosmos

sailor_cosmos_warrior_princess_by_noflutter-da1o62oWarrior Sailor Cosmos

This is another version of Sailor Cosmos, as designed by my incredibly talented friend NoFlutter!
You should check out her Facebook and grab some of her prints, I have many & they’re all so beautiful on my wall!

Making this!
Starting with the shoes and working my way up…I used shoes that I had and covered them in lycra with metallic gold faux leather. I love the color of this gold fabric I used, because it’s more of a subdued gold than yellow gold! The skirt panels are all textured vinyl, and I painted each one to have a mottled leather look. They were trimmed in the same gold fabric, and I added gems! The corset is faux leather, I added the same soft gold trimming, and the bra is a separate part so that it matched the illustration as much as I could. The soft fabric draping over the shoulder/skirt is chiffon, and the feathers in my hair and on my shoes are foamies!

I used Thibra for the armor, I LOVE this stuff so much, I plan on using it for so many things *_* I used it for the shoulder pauldron, arm gauntlets, and dango covers! It’s so lightweight, smooth, and easy to work with! The wig is also from Arda, I made it for my original Cosmos cosplay from a Chibi and a Ponytail clip on I pulled apart…it was difficult for me to make so I was super happy to also be able to use it for a new version of Cosmos as well!

For some reason halfway through making this, I needed a break. I just didn’t feel confident about it, and took some time off to finish stuff for DragonCon. I’m so happy that I finished it, though…I think sometimes creative people are so hard on themselves, and we need a reset before we get back and tackle whatever is tripping us up! I love this costume, now!

All of the beautiful pictures in the gallery (so far) are by Robby Idol Media!


Hopefully more when I get to wear her to a convention!