November 18, 2018

I’ve been extremely busy working on some new business dealings, please forgive the long span between this and the last update! I have been busy sewing lots, shooting lots, and have lots of new photos and galleries to update with very soon! 

Todays updates include a whole new gallery: my original design of the War Rig, and a few new photos in my Ryoko Battlesuit gallery!

Minor updates: pics added to Captain Marvel, Captain Phasma, Ifurita, and Evil Lyn!

August 21, 2018

It’s quite difficult for me to find time to update this often, here! If you want daily updates and a lot more content as well as progress photos, please follow my Instagram, AmazonMandy!

I realized some of my own cosplay gallery links were broken, so they’re live now and new costumes are viewable in my Cosplay Gallery!

Also added 12 new commissions to the Commission Gallery!

May 25th, 2018


So obviously I’m a lot better at updating Instagram than I am this website! I’ve been crazy busy, but finally have my

Katsucon galleries up! I have a few more galleries coming in the next month, I’ve done a few

shoots since then!

I’ve also updated Commissions with a handful of new ones!




March 30, 2018

Whelp, it’s been a while since I’ve updated, but I moved over 1000 miles so I have an excuse! BUT I have lots of costumes to update with, I went to a convention and have been very busy sewing! Lots more soon!

New: Original Cosplay: Winter Fawn

Original Cosplay: Chrysalis Bunnysuit

New Commissions: 9 New Commissions Added

Dec 31, 2017


Made it in time for a final 2017 update!

Added 2 new costumes, Evil Lyn and another original Elsa!


I also added quite a few new Commissions to the Commissions Gallery!



Dec 14, 2017


Playing that catch up game again! 3 new cosplay galleries, and 3 more on the way (as well as commissions)!

2 of them are Star Wars costumes, I’ve got the fever so bad this year!


Captain Phasma


Morticia Addams

Oct 1st, 2017



More updates! Finally put up my Punk Utena gallery from a shoot last spring, as well as updated with some Armored Wonder Woman pics from a shoot over the summer!




Sept 24th: Sale Post!

Added a page of cosplay items for sale, will mark as sold! May add more soon, I need to make some serious space!





Sept 13, 2017

Updates updates updates! I’m on it this month, finally! Still a few more to go!

New interview up in the interview section! Game Traders, pages 202-209!



Second: I have updated the FAQ with a list of things that I don’t (or will no longer) take commissions for! Please check it out before asking for an estimate.







Sept 7, 2017

SO! I have been meaning to update with this here, I might as well since I’m hoping to do many updates this month…I now have a 100% free Patreon (which seems to have started a whole fad of them, YES!).  If you decide to donate, every bit will just go back into funding more cosplays and tutorials, but again, you don’t have to!! You’ll have ✨full access to everything for free! ✨ I am slowly adding and collecting all of my tutorials there (and adding more). Eventually I may also add them to my website, if I ever have time (lolz).

I have other social media you can follow me on, depending on what you like:
INSTAGRAM: This is mostly everything….progress pics, doggy pics, cosplay & fun
TWITTER: Daily interaction, photos, easy for quick communication & random life stuff
Facebook: Basic updates, cosplay, announcements. Message me there for Commission Requests!

ALSO I have updated my FAQ on Commissions!! Here’s the fuller explanation!