Dec 31, 2017


Made it in time for a final 2017 update!

Added 2 new costumes, Evil Lyn and another original Elsa!


I also added quite a few new Commissions to the Commissions Gallery!



Dec 14, 2017


Playing that catch up game again! 3 new cosplay galleries, and 3 more on the way (as well as commissions)!

2 of them are Star Wars costumes, I’ve got the fever so bad this year!


Captain Phasma


Morticia Addams

Oct 1st, 2017



More updates! Finally put up my Punk Utena gallery from a shoot last spring, as well as updated with some Armored Wonder Woman pics from a shoot over the summer!




Sept 24th: Sale Post!

Added a page of cosplay items for sale, will mark as sold! May add more soon, I need to make some serious space!





Sept 13, 2017

Updates updates updates! I’m on it this month, finally! Still a few more to go!

New interview up in the interview section! Game Traders, pages 202-209!



Second: I have updated the FAQ with a list of things that I don’t (or will no longer) take commissions for! Please check it out before asking for an estimate.







Sept 7, 2017

SO! I have been meaning to update with this here, I might as well since I’m hoping to do many updates this month…I now have a 100% free Patreon (which seems to have started a whole fad of them, YES!).  If you decide to donate, every bit will just go back into funding more cosplays and tutorials, but again, you don’t have to!! You’ll have ✨full access to everything for free! ✨ I am slowly adding and collecting all of my tutorials there (and adding more). Eventually I may also add them to my website, if I ever have time (lolz).

I have other social media you can follow me on, depending on what you like:
INSTAGRAM: This is mostly everything….progress pics, doggy pics, cosplay & fun
TWITTER: Daily interaction, photos, easy for quick communication & random life stuff
Facebook: Basic updates, cosplay, announcements. Message me there for Commission Requests!

ALSO I have updated my FAQ on Commissions!! Here’s the fuller explanation!


Sept 5th, 2017

Hahaha I said I’d update within a week, then got hit with the DragonCon train. BUT the convention is done, and I have SO MUCH to catch up on!! Here’s 2 more new cosplay galleries to start: Cammy: Legends! and NoFlutter Galaxia!

This is 2 of at least 7 new cosplay galleries I HOPE to update this month, plus commission updates!




August 6, 2017

Quick upload of 5 new commissions, and 2 new cosplay galleries coming this week!!

July 25, 2017

SO I kind of moved 1000 miles last month, and it held me up from being able to update! BUT I have so much to catch up with, so there will be a lot more, soon!

For now: New Cosplay Gallery: Ghost in the Shell: First Assault!

Also I updated Cammy with new photos, including a costume I made for a friend to wear with me!



June 23, 2017



Added a new cosplay gallery: My 3rd version of Ryoko Hakubi, from Tenchi Forever!