April 28 2015

bravopromo1Updated Events with a new convention! I’ll be a guest at ConBravo in Hamilton, Canada this summer!

April 25 2015

senketsu2Added quite a few new commissions to the Commissions area!

March 30 2015


Added a bunch of new photos to the Ms. Marvel gallery!


Also added 9 new pics to the Commissions gallery!atalanta1

March 4, 2015

jeweltonesiconAdded a new costume gallery, an original design!

Jan 13, 2014

Added a new event, I’ll be a Guest at Anime Milwaukee in February 2015!

Dec 17 2014

Added a handful of new commissions to the Commissions gallery!

Dec 10, 2014

Added a new gallery, my Queen of Hearts based on Sakizou’s artwork! I hope to add more pictures soon,sakizouicon
as well as more galleries!

Dec 6 2014

caitlynAdded a new cosplay gallery, Pop Star Caitlyn! Still waiting on photos from multiple shoots, as well as
lots more commissions I’ve finished to update with, soon!

Nov 8 2014

esmeraldaiconAdded a new cosplay gallery: Esmeralda, from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Added a few new photos to galleries from earlier conventions: Ms. Marvel, Fire Princess, Queen Chyrsalis.
I have a few new costumes I have either done shoots of or am in the next week or two, so lots more galleries, soon!
Also, 2 new prints have been made available in my print shop, the Major, and Ms. Marvel!

Oct 30 2014


Updated with a new F.A.Q. section!  Please refer to this before contacting me about commissions and purchases! :)  Also added a link to my Etsy shop for prints and fun things!