Nov 8 2014

esmeraldaiconAdded a new cosplay gallery: Esmeralda, from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Added a few new photos to galleries from earlier conventions: Ms. Marvel, Fire Princess, Queen Chyrsalis.
I have a few new costumes I have either done shoots of or am in the next week or two, so lots more galleries, soon!
Also, 2 new prints have been made available in my print shop, the Major, and Ms. Marvel!

Oct 30 2014


Updated with a new F.A.Q. section!  Please refer to this before contacting me about commissions and purchases! :)  Also added a link to my Etsy shop for prints and fun things!

Oct 29 2014

peacock2iconAdded a new page, Gowns! I will collect all of the custom gowns I’ve done there to make browsing them easier!

Also added 7 new commissions to the Commissions gallery! Busy busy busy!!

Oct 18 2014

zoewashiconelsaicon2 new galleries!

One was actually a gallery from my old website, taken at Dragoncon 2013: Zoe and Wash from Firefly! I think when the website was moved, the gallery disappeared, I just noticed and readded it.

Secondly, a new one! Elsa lolita, based on NoFlutters original art! Worn to DragonCon 2014! I still have more DragonCon photos coming, as well as 3 new shoots next week, so more updates very soon!

Sept 20 2014

shehulkAdded a fun new costume: SheHulk!  I wore this to DragonCon and only have photos having fun on the floor, I’ll get better photos of it later!

Sept 5, 2014

I have a new interview to post, I did a rather in-depth one on the the construction of Ms. Marvel, with the wonderful people at P3Outrider!


I also added a few updates to Commissions!

I went to DragonCon this past weekend, so there will be many gallery updates, soon!

August 24 2014


Added a new cosplay gallery, Queen Chrysalis and Flufflepuffs Vacation!
Just a silly, fun one!!

Also managed to update Flame Princess Bunnygirl with a few more photos! :) flameprincessbunnyicon

August 18 2014

rubyroseAdded 12 new Commissions to the gallery…I have more to add but this is all I have time for! I’m working hard to get everyone’s commissions done and my own costumes done for DragonCon! Hopefully I’ll update one more time before then! :)

August 3 2014

Added a new cosplay gallery, Ms. Marvel! More photos of this one after DragonCon will be coming, too! marvelicon

July 4th 2014

I’m so happy to be able to update my new webpage!!! Expect more soon, FINALLY!!chrysicon
I updated with a new gallery, Queen Chrysalis!
Also added a lot more commissions to the Commissions gallery!